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Top-class technology

Our guarantee for smooth production

Continuous investment in cutting-edge machine technology, coupled with the highest levels of energy efficiency, is a matter of course for Kiba®.

Parts are packed by fully automated packaging systems integrated into the process chain. This also enables the use of client-specific packaging units.

Fully automated systems not only serve to guarantee consistent quality, but also present an economic advantage that enables us to remain faithful to our tradition of manufacturing in Germany, whilst also offering pricing benefits to our customers. With our customers in mind, we are firmly dedicated to reducing process costs.

Through the use of a production management tool, Kiba® is able to control the entire manufacturing process. High product quality and low downtime are the result. Machine allocation can be planned to the minute. Since Kiba® uses reliable data to optimally exploit available capacities, we achieve high levels of compliance with delivery dates.

Throughout the entire project execution, Kiba® places utmost importance on implementing the most cost-effective solution for its customers.

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