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From top-hat stoppers and multi-purpose stoppers to special closures.

In order to fulfil the demanding requirements of customers, the entire product and service portfolio offered by Kiba® is composed of:

  • Catalogue products
  • Variants of catalogue products
  • Drawing parts
  • Solutions/engineering


This means that you have the choice of a wide range of Kiba® standard products, which are also available in different variants. Of course, Kiba® can also produce items based on data or drawings provided by you, in addition to developing custom-made solutions for your specific applications. For more information, please click on the relevant product areas. Please note that the products shown are only a small part of the comprehensive Kiba® offer. The expert Kiba® consulting team would be happy to suggest solutions for your individual requirements.


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Top-Hat Stoppers

Dish Stoppers
Protective Stoppers
Knurled Caps
Multi-Purpose Stoppers
Lug Stoppers
Screw Stoppers
Special Closures
Grip Caps


The ‘Technical notes’ page includes valuable tips on the selection and chemical resistance of materials, alongside a list of available colours and production tolerances.


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