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Contact person

Nothing beats personal contact

We look forward to receiving your call and promise to have intelligent solutions for you!

Phone: +49 2351 1890-0
Fax:      +49 2351 1890-90
E-Mail: info(at)


Your contact persons:

Executive board Marco Bräuß    
  Managing director    
  Dennis Mantel, Operations -42 d.mantel(at)
Sales Susanne Guhr, Project Management -11 s.guhr(at)
  Andrea Kiel -23 a.kiel(at)
Purchasing Andrea Kiel -23 a.kiel(at)
Logistics Kevin Bock -27 k.bock(at)
Quality management Dennis Mantel -42 d.mantel(at)
Marketing Dennis Mantel -42 d.mantel(at)
  Julia Kowalewsky -11 j.kowalewsky(at)
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